Danielle Stewart for Mayor of Beckley

Did you know: You do not have to be a registered Democrat or Republican to vote on June 9?  Local elections are nonpartisan which means ALL registered voters can vote.

We live in the greatest democracy on Earth and we have a privilege that the majority of the world does not have - Free and Fair elections.  The majority of our country can vote upon turning 18 but many citizens do not have a way to get to the poles so their voices can be heard. 


I can help solve that problem in Beckley.  The Campaign to Elect Danielle Stewart will pick up eligible voters from their homes and take them to their voting location during the early voting period (April 29-May 9 at the Raleigh County Courthouse) and on Election Day (May 12 at your designated precinct).

This is a FREE service.  You do not have to vote for me and we will still give you a ride to the polls.  The most important thing is to let your voice be heard.

The last day to register to vote for the election on June 9 is May 19.  Click HERE to register online or visit the Raleigh County Courthouse to register in person.

Early Voting is

May 27 through June 6 

at the

Raleigh County Courthouse

Election Day is June 9!

Call us at (304) 250-3105


email us at daniellestewart4beckley@gmail.com

to arrange for transportation to the polls.